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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Martyrs in Afghanistan

It is a sad commentary on the American media, when one has to actively search for information regarding the 23 South Korean Christians being held hostage in Afghanistan. As of today, two have been murdered. People are on the airwaves screaming bloody murder about Michael Vick and the dog fighting ring he is accused of running (and lets not forget the maxim of the American judicial system: Vick is innocent until proven guilty). The silence is deafening regarding the killing of two human beings. This is the world in which Christians live.

The South Korean government is pleading with the international community to bend the rules and bargin for the lives of their citizens. I haven't heard anything from the United Nations, whose Secretary-General is a South Korean. Maybe the media is silent about this, too.

I understand the rationale for the South Korean government's pleading. However, they miss the point. These 23 South Koreans went to Afghanistan to provide medical help to poor villagers. These Koreans consider themselves Christians first, and Koreans second. This should be the way every Christian sees him or herself: Christian first, nationality second. Faith leads to doing good works for our neighbors, even if they live in a different country and have a different religious belief.

The lives of these Christian men and women are precious to God Almighty. We should pray for their safe release, and we should also pray for those keeping them captive. Truly, the Lord's Prayer is grander than we may have first thought.

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