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Friday, July 27, 2007

Football Season is upon us!

One of my good friend notes that a new football season will soon sweep in upon us. I look forward to NFL games and cheering on the half-dozen or so teams I follow.

American football has gotten a hold in Europe, especially Germany. The now defunct NFL Europa had built a sizeable fan base the last few years, as more and more Germans took to the sport. There are even high school teams playing American football in Germany!

Our brand of football will never replace European football. Soccer dominates the European landscape. And there's nothing like the European Cup and the World Cup.

As we in America gear up for a new season of football, so too do the Europeans. I look forward to cheering on my two favorite teams: the Cheslea Blues and Bayern-Muenich. Although we have professional soccer teams in the states, the games don't seem to have the same energy as the European teams do on the pitch.

Rugby is another manifestation of football. It's not real popular in Germany at the professional level. Countries like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji seem to have embraced rugby as their national past time.

Fans of football can enjoy many, many games soon. Soccer and rugby are almost ready to begin, and the NFL will not be far behind.

Here's hoping Chelsea can capture the Premiership this season and Bayern-Muenich can place in the top three in the Bundesliga. Go Packers, Giants, Cardinals, and Ravens.


Pastor Kelly J. Leary said...

Learning to like "futbol" more as my little ones are enjoying it --
and rugby -- man thats just nuts -- I would never want to take a beating like those guys do BTW NFL netwoek starts monday with inside training camp features - you are still also invited to be in the fantasy league we were in last year.

JP Manzi said...


Really enjoy your blog, I will add it to my blogroll

Oh! and you are forgiven for not being an Eagles fan.