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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Lord's Prayer: A Perfect Prayer

Yesterday's Gospel from Luke 11 dealt with the Lord's Prayer. It is difficult to preach on the Lord's Prayer in one sermon, when the catechism divides it up into nine sections.

However, Jesus teaches us the simplicity of praying with this prayer.

There are seven (7) petitions that touch on every thing in our lives.

1. Make God's Name holy.
2. God's reign come on earth.
3. God's will be done on earth.
4. Give us our daily bread.
5. Forgive us of our trespasses.
6. Lead us not into temptation.
7. Deliver us from evil.

The petitions also touch on our physical life and our spiritual life. God sustains them both. By praying this prayer we not only petition God as He has commanded us to do in the 2nd Commandment, but the Holy Spirit is teaching us what a loving and caring heavenly Father we have who desires to bless us and provide for us.

The Lord's Prayer is a perfect prayer. It's petitions cover all the necessities of our life and teach us the deep things about God. It's petitions show us what a wonderful Father we have who sent His only Son to suffer, die, and rise again to make us righteous.

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