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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Little Brit Different

The English are producing some innovative television programs. If you have BBC America, check out some of their shows (or buy them on DVD).

Doctor Who (which also is shown on the Sci-Fi Channel) is remade and definitely a fine 21st century approach to the original 1960s classic British sci-fi show that ran for over two decades.

Torchwood (premieres in September) is a spin off from Doctor Who. There seems to be a cross over, as the Doctor seems to be bumping into the activities of the Torchwood Project on his adventures on Earth. By the way, Torchwood is a reworking of the letters in Doctor Who.

Life on Mars is a cop show set in 1973 England with a detective from 2006. Is he dreaming? Did he travel in time? Find out.

MI-5 is based loosely on our popular 24. It follows a group of British agents who must thwart terrorist activities in England.

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