Bayern, USA, Deutschland

Monday, December 22, 2008


Europeana is a European online database showcasing the history and culture of Europe. The site was scheduled to debut around Thanksgiving Day, but when I went to the site it was down due to too much traffic. The site was redesigned to handle more internet traffic and the beta version is now partially running.

I went to the site to see what it was all about. There is still some work to be done as the beta version isn't fully complete yet. This seems to involve mainly icons and such.

I did a search for the quintessential German, Martin Luther. There was lots of stuff about him but I did not have time to go into great depth. I did notice some links to his Small Catechism.

Originally, when I saw a clip about Europeana on DW-TV it was stated that the German culture was not as much as other countries. I think France had the most data at that time a month ago.

I do like the fact that you have options of language. So you can choose Norwegian and search for Luther. I tried that and found some data hits. Not sure how much you will find in English regarding Luther and the Lutheran Church, but I hope the website can showcase a good deal of European history, culture, and religion.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

St. Lucia Festival

The St. Lucia festival still seems to be very popular in Sweden. Every year girls are chosen to be St. Lucia, walk in with a crown of lit candles, and boys are chosen to be acolytes who wear conical hats.

This festival was never mentioned when growing up in the Lutheran church we attended. It seems to be more common for Swedish Lutherans, although I did see St. Lucia listed on Dec. 13 in the Treasury of Daily Prayer. So some attempt is being made to enlighten German Saxon Lutherans about the traditions of other Lutherans. It is encouraging to see the Synod recognizing a more broad Lutheran tradition and customs.

I am not sure how much the St. Lucia festival remains in Sweden as a solemn rite or is it now their version of our Americanized watering down of St. Nicholas into a commerical jolly Santa Claus.

Anyway, here's a neat clip from Stockholm, Sweden on Dec. 13, 2007.