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Sunday, December 14, 2008

St. Lucia Festival

The St. Lucia festival still seems to be very popular in Sweden. Every year girls are chosen to be St. Lucia, walk in with a crown of lit candles, and boys are chosen to be acolytes who wear conical hats.

This festival was never mentioned when growing up in the Lutheran church we attended. It seems to be more common for Swedish Lutherans, although I did see St. Lucia listed on Dec. 13 in the Treasury of Daily Prayer. So some attempt is being made to enlighten German Saxon Lutherans about the traditions of other Lutherans. It is encouraging to see the Synod recognizing a more broad Lutheran tradition and customs.

I am not sure how much the St. Lucia festival remains in Sweden as a solemn rite or is it now their version of our Americanized watering down of St. Nicholas into a commerical jolly Santa Claus.

Anyway, here's a neat clip from Stockholm, Sweden on Dec. 13, 2007.


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