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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Löhe Fest

January 2 is set aside in the Lutheran Service Book as the commemoration for Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe. He was a Lutheran pastor born in 1808 in Fürth, Bavaria; his pastorate was in Neuendettelsau, Bavaria. Furth is 4.5 miles west-northwest of Nuremberg, and Neuendettelsau is 17.5 miles southwest of Nuremberg. This Bavarian was an important person for the Missouri Synod. He founded and then gave Ft. Wayne Seminary to our beloved Synod. He did not send licensed laymen, but ordained German Lutheran pastors to serve the immigrants scattered throughout the Midwest; a number of these pastors were part of the original formation of the Synod, along with Walther and the Saxons. He had a passion for Native American missions in Michigan. We can do well to follow his zeal and practice of mission work.

Okay, I'm a week late in calling everyone's attention to Löhe. Since I am known to celebrate Oktoberfest throughout the entire months of September AND October, I figured I can celebrate Löhe for more than his customary "one" day. That's how we Bavarians are: we like to celebrate with gusto! This Bavarian is extremely happy and thankful for all the hard work the Bavarian Löhe did. It's good to know that the Missouri Synod isn't only about Saxon Lutherans. Ein Prosit for all the Christian men and women who have blessed the Church!

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