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Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to Title Town!

The NY Giants went into Big D yesterday and proved to a nationwide audience how well they can play. Eli Manning has led the Giants to success the last three weeks: they lost to the Patriots in Week 17, but showed he can go toe to toe with Tom Brady. Last week Eli and the Giants walked into Tampa and handed the Bucs a solid thumping. Yesterday, the Big Blue took out their NFC East rivals. The NFC road to the Super Bowl now goes through Green Bay (as it should have this season)!

Can either the Pack or the Giants knock down the New England Juggernaut? Time will tell ... unless the Super Chargers do it first. The Super Bowl is going to be great no matter who ends up at the big dance.

Last year, Peyton Manning won it all. Perhaps Eli will do it this year.

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