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Friday, April 13, 2012

Some thoughts ...

Now that I have completed and posted the sermons in my Henric Schartau project, here are some cuurent thoughts on different subjects: 1. SyFy continues its downward spiral in stupidity. On Monday "Eureka" returns for its final season. The show is officially cancelled, probably due to the fact that SyFy refuses to give the series' cast deserved salary increases. SyFy promised us BSG: Blood and Chrome. The pilot is done, but the series is cancelled. At some future date SyFy will eventually show the pilot. The series is scheduled to continue as webisodes. Yeah, thanks SyFy for that. I doubt I will tune in for those. I guess we'll keep getting professional wrestling, horrible B movies on the weekends and cheap, idiotic "reality" shows. We deserve better than this drivel, SyFy. 2. Currently, my Mass Effect experience is complete. I completed ME3 two weeks ago. I am not thrilled with the ending, but am happy with my synergy choice that was consistent with my Paragon John Shepard. I await some quality DLCs, and am enjoying ME3's multiplayer adventures. I am still mad that I could not have Miranda Lawson as part of my crew and squad. So I used the classic crewmates Garrus, Tali and Liara on many missions. That brought some great continuity with my ME 1-3 adventures. Bioware, the dialogue with the crew was simply awesome, especially Garrus. Thank you! The Kinect playability is very good, too. 3. I finished my short Medieval fantasy novel a few months ago. It needs more polishing, but the core is complete. I have some other ideas running around for that novel and some of its characters.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

SyFy makes me so mad. I love Eureka and I hope against hope that someone would pick it up again, but it's been nearly a year since they finished filming and everyone is on to bigger and better things. The best thing about the crappy B movies, is that on a cold night, with nothing better to do, I can set a fire in the fireplace turn on Crocosaurus vs Megashark and read my Kindle.

If you want a good MMRPG try SW The Old Republic. The eldest adult child cancelled his WOW subscription because SWTOR is so much better in his estimation.

Peter said...

thanks for the SWTOR review. i have been thinking about that MMRPG for a while now. perhaps i will give it a try.