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Monday, May 30, 2011

Learning from Löhe

Here is the second paragraph from Löhe's Rogate Sunday sermon on John 16,23-33:

2. ,,The entire Gospel deals with prayer and therefore we call this Sunday the Sunday of Prayer. The Lord, which the words of our text are entirely in consideration of His departure, of His ascension back to where He dwelt before His suffering, the dwelling place of perfection and eternal glory, that which exists between Him and His believers, and through Him He builds a continuous connection between His Father and His believers, when He is no longer visible to them nor walks among them. He determined prayer as the means of connection, and also as a means to always experience anew His life and memory. We should pray, and He will send glory from His throne of honor. Our prayers are our enduring love to Him, and when He hear us He will continually remember us. Prayer and answer shall be the mutual sign of life and the sign of love between the Lord and His believers."

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gusDon said...

I always believe in Jesus, though sometimes I do not understand many things that happen every day... I believe He is kind and always with me...