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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Critical-destructive and critical-restorative

Dr. Armin Wenz puts forth the following one-two theme toward the end of his EXCELLENT essay entitled, "The Holy Scriptures as foundation and means of grace for the Church":

1. The chief relationship between Scripture and tradition can be described as critical-destructive (Wenz).

2. The second relationship between Scripture and tradition can be described as critical-restorative (Wenz).

While I was taught this and believe this, I have never seen these Reformation truths set forth with such powerful words. Wenz goes on to describe each relationship: "The rediscovery of Scripture and justification led the Reformers to the understanding that many traditions in the Church act contrary to the Scriptural message and had often replaced central aspects of the gospel. The second relationship between Scripture and tradition ... is indicated that Scripture has an effect on tradition and the work of Christians and that is salutary for the Church to build upon" (Wenz).

Wenz concisely and theologically puts forward the Holy Scripture and tradition, and does so in the appropriate order. Some traditions are detrimental, but others are salutary. The judge of traditions is Holy Scripture. If a particular tradition is detrimental to or according to the Holy Scriptures, then that tradition must be either reformed or removed. If a particular tradition is salutary, then that tradition should remain and be encouraged.

This sound Reformation approach is found throughout Wenz's essay, and there are many other beautiful gems in that essay as well.


Pastor Leary said...

pete -- on cyberbrethern there is a link to Der Lutheraner translated into english -- 6 editions are done so far it is type set the same it looks cool

a chance to see what we were as a church made accessable to non german readers and the laity


Peter said...


thanks for the heads up! this is great.