Bayern, USA, Deutschland

Friday, October 10, 2008


Saturday's match (18. October) between Karlsruher SC and FC Bayern is a must win for FCB. With 7 matches down and 10 to go before the winter break, FCB is having a disappointing and challenging season after winning both the German Cup and the Bundesliga Championship last year (they missed out on taking the triple crown when they were knocked out early in the Champions League).

FCB's mid-field defense seems to be the team's weak point this year, but with all the great players on this team it is hard to imagine why this is so.

Fortunately, FCB is only 7 points down from first place Hamburger SV, but that puts FCB 11th place out of 18 teams in Bundesliga I.

I have to say, UEFA knows how to run a football program, juggling league matches, Euro or World Cup qualifiers, Champions League matches, and friendlies throughout a ten month season. Right now their playing World Cup 2010 Qualifiers in Europe. This is what makes European football so exciting!

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