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Monday, September 08, 2008

FC Bayern "Star of the South"

Okay, here's the translation of Billy Astor's 1998 song ,,Stern des Suenden". I just did a straight translation because it takes much more time to get the lines to rhyme. You'll get the drift of the song.

FC Bayern "Star of the South"

Billy Astor "star of the south," 1998

Which Munich soccer team is known around the whole world?
What is this club, which holds these records here?
Who has already won what it ever was to win?
Who brings decades since our Federal League fully on trap?

FC Bavaria, star of the south, you will never go under,
Because we stand together in the good times as well as the bad.
FC Bavaria, German champions, so my club is called
Yes, so it was and so it is and so it will always be.

Where is clearly already under attack, who spies on us every day?
Where is the press, where is the hype, where is always discussed?
Who plays in each stadium before a sold out house?
Who endures the pressure from the adversary?


Whether the trophy is in the Federal League or Champions League
Yes, because what is more beautiful than a Bavarian victory?
Here is life, here is love, here is fire that remains around
Munich, Germany's best for all eternity!

Refrain (3x)

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